DPP punishes Kaliati

Patricia Kaliati Husband

Patricia Kaliati’s husband, Angie, has fallen in Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) primaries for Mulanje Pasani Constituency.

Patricia Kaliati Husband
Kaliati keeps his cards close to his chest

Mr Kaliati was seeking re-election to represent the ruling DPP.

But in the party’s primary elections held on Saturday,husband to the outspoken UTM Secretary General was floored by Ebbie Mathanda.

Observers believe Angie Kaliati has been punished for being Patricia Kaliati’s husband.

“There was no way DPP would gamble and allow Patricia Kaliati’s husband to represent it in the august House. He has paid for his wife’s sin” Julius Jere told this reporter.

Mathanda had represented the constituency on United Democratic Front ticket until 2009 when he lost to then newcomer, DPP’s Peter Nowa.

Nowa lost to Kaliati in 2014.

Despite conceding defeat, Mr Kaliati was non-committal when asked if the results will force him to follow his wife to UTM or stand on independent ticket as is common among defeated aspirants in the Malawian political spectrum.

In June this year, the current Deputy Minister of Homeland, Charles Mchacha, while addressing a political rally at Limbuli in Mulanje said Angie had married a foolish woman who had no respect for her husband.

“Ndaona pompano a Kaliati a amuna ali pompano taimani anthu akuoneni, nthawi zina munthu umatha kukwatira chitsiru chokumwa madzi ometera.” said Mchacha in vernacular

In contrast, Angie asked DPP members to desist from insulting colleagues supporting other political parties and said her the difference in allegiance with his wife was not an indication of lack of respect but democracy in his family.