Chief Msakambewa sues petitioners demanding his removal

Senior Chief Msakambewa of Dowa has taken to court petitioners claiming to be members from the Ngoni-Jere clan who are demanding for his removal.

Last week, family members of the Ngoni-Jere clan protested outside Dowa District Council’s offices while chanting anti-Msakambewa songs.

The disrupted government business at the council.

Dowa District Commissioner, Alex Mdooko, ordered the chanting family members to go to the council library where he asked them to meet Senior Chief Msakambewa himself for their concerns other than taking the matter further.

The family members who did not want to meet Msakambewa proceeded to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to deliver their petition.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Chief Msakambewa said the Ngoni culture doesn’t have family members but a clan or village from which a chief is chosen.

Msakambewa said he cannot shed some light on the matter saying this is why he want to meet the so called family members in a court of law.

According to one of the royal family members who did not want his identity disclosed, issues ranging from bad governance to corruption are said to have angered the royal family demanding hence they are demanding the chiefs’ removal.

The member speaking with full anger, labelled Msakambewa as the most corrupt chief the Ngoni-Jere clan has ever chosen in the history of the district.

He alleged that Msakambewa has sold their gardens and is also accused of telling his subjects to share with him the honorarium they receive from government.