Call her Keturah ‘Jazz’ Milimo

You seldom spot a Malawian youthful musician in the Jazz arena but one Keturah Milimo is different as proven by her track record in telling the stories better in that music genre.

Keturah: deadly on jazz

The 23 year old is deadly on Jazz, a type of music which is associated with the classy post-youth community. But if she is magical in that kind of music, does she have any other choices?

Malawi24 spared time for the talented young lady to find out more about her marriage to Jazz and upcoming projects among others on Saturday.

“First of all, I would love to thank God for this talent. If you listen to my songs, you can tell that I am a story teller and Jazz provides me with a comfortable zone for me to narrate my stories,” she said.

The Blantyre based songstress always show love for the country by not leaving Malawi`s cultural elements behind in her storytelling. This is manifested in a good number of her Chichewa renditions.

So far she has released As You Wish, Moyo Uno, Lilly, and Munditengeleko.

Meanwhile, Keturah is working on some great projects that will set the industry ablaze. She plans to unleash some of the songs by the end of this month.

“I am currently working on new projects and looking forward to release songs like Nyimbo, Let them go, Mafunde, Nambewe, and Pilira.”

She believes that many people enjoy the Jazz touch, for that reason she will remain glued to the genre in the quest to change people`s lives.

According to Keturah, changing lives through Jazz music is her targeted achievement and she will feel rewarded when that will be fulfilled.

“Lastly, let me assure Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, a mother of beautiful people, that I am going to make them proud. Furthermore, I would love to thank all my fans for the love and support, I really appreciate.”