Zaululika: Miracle Chinga stole Hossana song

Youthful gospel music songstress Miracle Chinga is at the centre of controversy following revelations that she stole her latest release Hossana.

Chinga: accused of stealing song

The song which dropped into the public domain last week was originally done by Wales, a South African based Malawian singer cum producer, in 2016. Both versions of the work were crafted by DJ Lobodo who is also based in South Africa.

In a recording which was addressed to a WhatsApp group of music producers, Lobodo admits the song is a brainchild of Wales. He adds, there was an agreement between the two prior to production of Chinga`s Hossana.

“When Miracle and her brother Steve came to South Africa for a series of performances, they were keeping up at my house where they listened to the song which I produced in 2016,” narrates the producer.

“Miracle expressed interest to rework on it. I notified Wales who is as good as my brother and later on he met the girl where they agreed to redo the song together.”

Contrary to the agreement, Wales did not make it to the studio on the production day but he gave the daughter of the late gospel queen Grace Chinga a go ahead to go solo on the project.

However the `victim of thievery` denies that he allowed Miracle through Lobodo to redo the song on her own. According to him, he only allowed Chinga to use only the instrumentation.

“The meeting with Miracle ended in suspense since she left before we reached an agreement. I only told the producer to let her use only the instrumentation because I planned to release my song. So if I release it now, what will the world say, I stole a song?” questions Wales

The up and coming musician says he will seek a legal action if the other concerned parties will not make efforts to solve the matter to his satisfaction.

After a thorough review of the two Hossana`s by Malawi24, Chinga`s version is an extension of its ancestor. Its first verse is a combination of Wale`s first and second verse while the second is hers. Meanwhile Miracle is being applauded in Malawi for a great job.




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