Muungu Wa Africa show on today: Venue changed


The Be Careful Tour by Muungu Wa Africa kick-starts today in Blantyre at Emperors Castle following the change of venue.

The tour which was slated for Infusion Lounge in the commercial capital has been shifted to another venue for undisclosed reasons.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Friday, chief executive officer for the organizing company Myuziki Phusha Entertainment, Lumuli Mwamondwe, said the reason for the shift of venue is beyond their control.

“Venue for the Muungu Africa show has been changed for reasons beyond our control, but whatever the case it will be full of fireworks,” he said.

The event also attracts local acts, Vube of the Chindekha fame, Janta, King of the Knights, and DJ Wayne. According to the organisers, the local supporting acts have promised a great show.

“Sharing the stage with Muungu is an honour and I am honoured. I will be on my best like an on fire footballer,” said Cube.

The event has been bankrolled by Castel Malawi among other parties in the cooperate world. The company will give out prizes to some patrons of the show.


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  1. Shitty promoters cant even organize a decent gig, infusion ain’t a music place but a place for beer beggars zankutu

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