Satanic assassination: Galamuka wopemphera iwe


Saulos Chilima has for the second time visited Nigeria where he is doing three things.

First, Chilima is visiting Obasanjo to whom he is promising oil on Lake Malawi in exchange for financial support for his campaign. This can be a receipt for war as it would create a fight for oil with other companies who are already exploring oil.

Secondly, Chilima is attending a conference on rigging. This is not a secret because it is written in black and white on the theme of the conference.

Thirdly, this is the most dangerous mission that Chilima has not disclosed. Chilima is visiting a medicine man from the Ibo tribe who is known to be a Satanic worshipper to arrange killing Peter Mutharika.

The last time Chilima visited Nigeria he came back visibly armed with satanic rings, armlets and bracelets. Actually, Chilima’s faced changed since he returned from Nigeria if you look at him closely.

For us to understand how a satanic assassination works and why Chilima is obsessed with Nigeria we need to understand what happened to Bingu. May his soul rest in peace.

It is believed that Bingu died of a Satanic Assassination. This is a method of killing person using satanic powers.

In July 2011, Bingu received a gift of three books from T.B. Joshua of Nigeria. T.B. Joshua is a friend of Joyce Banda.

These books were brought from Nigeria by a Mrs Lungu and passed by a senior officer in the Ministry of Health who was tasked to deliver the books to State House. This officer is a T.B. Joshua follower and was trusted to be close to Bingu.

The books came with instructions they must go straight to Bingu and that he must open them himself and read them.

Bingu never opened the books until January 2012. T.B. Joshua kept asking for an acknowledgement so that he could be sure that Bingu read the books.

On 24 January 2012 Bingu wrote a letter acknowledgement to T.B. Joshua that he had received and read the books.

Soon after the letter of acknowledgement was received by the “man of God” T.B. Joshua started making a strange prophesy.

T.B. Joshua prophesied that an African President was going to die in 2012. Bingu died on 5 April 2012 and may his soul rest in peace.

Immediately after Bingu died, T.B. Joshua beamed on his Emmanuel TV Bingu’s letter of 24 January which had acknowledged the three suspicious books.

Strangely, the story changed. Emmanuel TV said Bingu had acknowledged that the prophecy which T.B. Joshua had made was about his own death. But by this time Bingu could not speak because he was gone.

Chilima is suspected to be seeking Peter Mutharika’s death by satanic assassination. This explains why Chilima is refusing to resign as VP but continues to draw a free salary although he is not working.

Some Christian groups have been holding special secret prayers. Some prayerful people from within the UTM have also expressed concerns with the Nigerian Juju route which Chilima has taken because that is not the politics they wanted.

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