Police fire teargas to disperse TNM customers

Police in Lilongwe fired teargas at shoppers who were trying to enter a TNM shop to buy smartphones at a low prices.

Shoppers fighting to enter a TNM shop

TNM announced that there would be a Green Friday today where smartphones would be sold at 50 percent discount.

Across the country, shoppers stormed TNM shops to buy the phones but chaos ensued at most shops.

In Blantyre, customers broke the door while fighting to enter the shop. At TNM Crossorads shops in Lilongwe police fired teargas to control the crowd.

Shoppers have also complained that most phones which were advertised are not available.

The company claims that phones that were supposed to be bought at prices below K100,000 have already been sold.

On social media, customers have accused the mobile company of not being so honest saying TNM announced the discount when they knew they did not have the phones.

“We already knew they don’t have the merchandise,” said one customer.

“Out of all the phones advertised only two types in stock, mmmmmm apaka,” chipped in another.




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