Parliament launches communications strategy

Richard Msowoya

Parliament on Wednesday launched its communications strategy aimed at enhancing public participation in parliamentary business.

The strategy is a roadmap on how Parliament is expected to address its objectives. It also provides answers on how Parliament can reach out to its audiences.

Speaking at the launch, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya said they do not to leave anyone in the dark but ensure that the general public at large is aware of everything that happens in the House.

“Parliament of Malawi understands that communication is a two-way process, it is not just about informing citizenry about the institution but also about listening to the stakeholder and collaborating closely,” he said.

However, he raised a concern of inadequate funding as one of the challenges since they are supposed to provide information to all the centres of the constituencies.

The strategy is the third policy to be launched by Parliament over the past 12 months. Earlier this year, Parliament launched the  Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy in February this year.