Police warn of drowning risks

Drowning Malawi

With the onset of the rainy season, Police in the commercial city of Blantyre have warned residents in the city of the dangers of drowning.

According to Blantyre police publicist, Sub Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi, police statistics indicate that five people died of drowning in 2017 and so far five cases have been recorded this year.

The publicist went on to say among those who lost their lives due to drowning this year include three children aged 4 who drowned in Vuwo River at Pensulo village in Traditional Authority Kuntaja on November 20 where two of the children were from the same family.

The three children were on their way back from kindergarten and had diverted to the said river to swim where unfortunately they all drowned.

Meanwhile, Police have urged residents to avoid crossing flooded rivers during the day or at night and not to  allow children to go swimming, fishing or playing around bodies of water such as dams, streams and rivers.

“Do not cross rivers while drunk. Epileptic patients should be closely monitored and should not be allowed near large bodies of water. Report any incident of drowning to relevant authorities,” said Nkhwazi.