DPP cadets invade police station, assault police officers

Police have arrested ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets who stormed a police station in Lilongwe on Monday and injured two police officers.

According to National Police spokesperson, the law enforcers have arrested eight cadets.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows cadets in DPP regalia attacking a police officer inside Kawale Police Station in the capital city.

The cadets, also known as Ana Adadi, rained insults on the officers who were trying to restrain them. One of them threw a stone at another police officer who was capturing the violent scenes using a phone.

They were demanding the release of another cadet identified as Wezi Banda.

According to Kadadzera, the cadet who was in police cell was arrested for fighting with another woman and charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

On Monday evening, fellow cadets stormed the police station to demand her release. Two officers were injured due to the chaos at the police station.

“When the police refused to bow down to their demand, they roughed up and assaulted the police officers both verbally and physically,” said Kadadzera.

Police later arrested eight cadets in connection to the incident. The arrested cadets will be taken to court to answer assault charges.