Norway tells Malawi promote rights of persons with albinism

The Norwegian Embassy in Malawi has asked the Malawi Government  to strengthen efforts in the promotion of rights of persons with albinism and the elderly.

Every year on 10th December, the world observes Human Rights Day , a day in which the world recommits itself to protecting the fundamental human rights of all people, as well as their basic human rights freedoms.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation and Centre for People’s Development (CEDEP) with support from Norwegian government embarked on a project to scale up promotion and protection of vulnerable minorities.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Monday during National stakeholders meeting on Human Rights violations organized by the trio, Norwegian Embassy Deputy Head of mission Ms. Merethe Luis said Malawi can do better in combating numerous human rights violations in the country such as abduction and killings of persons with albinism in particular.

Luis urged all stakeholders working in promotion of human rights to significantly use the day in scaling up promotion of Persons with Albinism and the elderly in Malawi.

On his part, president for Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM), Overstone Kondowe decried the increasing cases of abduction and killings of persons with albinism.

Kondowe thanked various stakeholders for coming in and supporting the promotion of the persons with albinism.

He however expressed dissatisfaction with the government and other private sector for failing to recognize persons with albinism as equal as every human beings as evidenced by failure to appoint or promote them to top positions.

He therefore called upon the Malawi government to review its laws for effective delivery of justice to all citizens.

“The country has done its best, but you may agree with me that there is still a gap that both of us need to do in curbing the malpractice, issues to do with going down with research and apprehend those who insinuates the acts,” said Kondowe.

He added that the day reminds APAM on how their fellows lost their human rights through abduction and killings and nothing is being put in place to investigate the malpractices.

In 2014, Malawi government established a taskforce aimed at protecting persons with albinism but according to APAM, this is not enough to curb the challenge.

Malawi registered 30% of the 600 cases against persons with albinism recorded in 28 countries, according to the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation.