Coke Studio Africa continues to snub Malawian artists

Perhaps musicians from Malawi do not have what it takes to appear on the Coke Studio Africa platform or organizers deliberately ignore the Southern African nation, but the bitter reality of missing the opportunity gives the nation heartache.

The show which unites specialists of different music genres across Africa, is on the blink of unpacking the 5th season. The unborn edition will be dominated by East African musicians, mainly from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Malawi was blessed last year as it contributed a producer, South African based Gemini Major. However, there was not much satisfaction at home considering that producers are less visible at Coke Studio Africa.

The continental phenomenon is oriented towards creation of modern and authentic African sound through music fusion, for the global audience. Contrary to this mission, a very few African countries appear on the stage thereby depriving the show of its continental brand.

When asked about what the absence of Malawian musicians means to the country`s music industry, United Kingdom based Mcee Nick Thindwa was quick to say that the industry is on the right track.

“Coke Studio Africa is not a yardstick for measuring our industry`s growth. We have seen Malawian musicians claiming international awards which means the industry is on the right track of growth,” said the confident Thindwa.

However, Thindwa approved Coke Studio Africa as a major platform and said he would love home artists to get the nod in the next seasons.

A total of 25 musicians will participate in the 5th season whose products will start airing in February next year. Southern Africa will be represented by Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Three previous shows were graced by American singers Ne-yo, Trey Songs, and Jason Derulo.



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