DPP female MP welcomes competition

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator for Blantyre Rural East constituency Susan Ndalama says she is not shaken by candidates declaring interest to contest in the area during the 2019 elections.

Ndalama made the remarks in an interview in response to claims from one of the candidates,  29 year old Maxwell Chipiliro Phiri who said the incumbent has failed to transform the area in many sectors especially health.

Phiri claimed that nothing tangible is happening in terms of infrastructure and there is no health facility or good source of potable water in the district.

He said: “54 years of independence the area is lagging behind. For example, there are no reliable bridges, roads and food scarcity. The well-being of people in this area is unbearable hence deciding to contest.”

But in an interview, Ndalama laughed off the claim saying she has delivered beyond reasonable doubt.

“There are more opponents trying to destroy me, but I am not fearing them. Most of these people think the area is easy to grab it. I assure them that, my next term will be monumental and that I will win with landslide victory like APM,” she said.

According to Phiri, during the last four years she promoted education and implemented several projects.

She further said she plans to come up with initiatives aimed at improving the financial situation of the disabled, elderly and poor people in the constituency after being reelected.

Phiri is currently working at SBI Malawi owned by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and hails from Solobala village TA Machinjiri, Blantyre.