Malawi now Norway’s long-term development partner


Malawi has become one of Norway’s 10 partner countries worldwide for long-term development cooperation.

This follows the approval of the White Paper on Partner Countries in Development Cooperation by the Norwegian Parliament on Wednesday.

According to the Norwegian Embassy in Malawi, Norway is committed to fulfil the 2030-agenda and 17 development goals by establishing development partnerships and the 10 partner countries will be given priority.

“This implies that Norway will have a long term approach to our presence here in Malawi and we look forward to continue strengthening the cooperation between Norway and Malawi and with our development partners here,” the embassy said in a statement.

According to the Norwegian Government, through the partner country concept, it wants to concentrate Norway’s development policy efforts on achieving better development results and hopes to help partner countries become independent of foreign aid.

Norway also wants cooperation with partner countries to be based on a mutual desire for cooperation for development, including all development policy instruments and a comprehensive approach to development.

Norway supports Malawi in various areas including good governance, agriculture, education and health.