Chilima claims plot to assassinate him

Saulos Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima has claimed that there is a plot to assassinate him.

Speaking at a UTM rally Mwanza this afternoon, Chilima suggested that people hired by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government have been following him in order to kill him.

He revealed that he knows the names of the people assigned to kill him and one of them is from Mwanza.

Chilima said he has given the list of names to his friends so that if anything happens to him, they should know who did it.

“All the plans which you are making whether you want to poison me, to kill me using a car crash or to hire people to shoot. As a matter of fact I saw one of the hired killers at the Tsangano rally,” he said.

Chilima then challenged people who want him killed that they are amateurs and will not succeed.

He added that he is not afraid of being killed and advised the Malawi Police not to write him a letter to ask for information on his allegations.

The vice president then hailed former President Joyce Banda for not threatening her rivals during the 2014 elections saying the DPP won because the party’s candidates were not being intimidated by government.

During his speech, Chilima observed that next year’s elections are not about changing the ruling party but shaping the future of Malawi.