Face Off! Mutharika, Chilima meet


All eyes will today be in Rumphi where Malawi President Peter Mutharika and his deputy, Vice President Saulos Chilima will meet for the first time since June 2018.

The two leaders have confirmed separately that they will attend the funeral ceremony of the Tumbuka Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe.

Chikulamayembe, born Walter John Hardy Gondwe, passed away last week Thursday, 29 November, 2018 at Mzuzu Central Hospital. He will be raid to rest at the Tumbuka headquarters at Chilongozgi Village in Rumphi.

“The late Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe will be buried with military honors, and President Peter Mutharika will be in attendance” reads a statement issued by the Secretary to the Government, Mr Lloyd Muhara.

From unofficial sources, it is also claimed that Vice President will attend the burial ceremony, making it the first meeting between Chilima and Mutharika since June this year when the veep announced the formation of United Transformation Movement (UTM) and his interests to go against Mutharika in 2019 presidential elections.

Initially, Mutharika had delegated Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa to represent him. Government has, however, not given any reason for change.

But social commentators have condemned President Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying the president is only attending the funeral Chilima will also be in attendance.

Zafika poyendera mphepo. Chilima wakupengesani. Mwagonva akupita ku Rumphi ku maliro, nanunso go konko” (It is clear he is the president of uncertainty. Why change all your schedule to attend the funeral just because you have heard Chilima will be in attendance” Madaliso Jowati wrote on Facebook.

“DPP is setting a bad precedent to alter the whole presidential program just because Chilima has confirmed he would be attending Senior Chief Chikulamayembe’s funeral in Rumphi tomorrow. How many more presidential programs will be altered, because this is only just the beginning? This whole thing is already not looking good on Mutharika, and will only get worse” wrote another social commentator.

Meanwhile, the Livingstonia Synod has banned political party regalia at the burial ceremony.

General Secretary of the synod Reverend Levi Nyondo on Monday told political parties to advise their members not to wear party regalia during the ceremony.

“Tell your people not to wear party colors. The late Chief was a member of the CCAP, not a member of any of your parties,” Nyondo said.

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe was born on 24th March 1932 and was installed as Traditional Authority in 1978.  He is survived by a wife, 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

On Monday, a funeral church service for the late Paramount Chief was held at St. Andrews Congregation of the CCAP Livingstonia Synod.




  1. It shows kt Chilima is a real deal for better Mlw and Atupele its time to make right decision to join your fellow youth Mutayeni mudalayo Muthalika akutengerani kuchionongeko DPP ikumira basi.

  2. Chilima sangawine ngakhale atatani. Muzavomereza masomphenyya anu abodza mawali

  3. Yes sould rest in peace. Mutharika as president of the country has weigh what to on the schedule. I see no reason why people should be condemimg the president. It is recently that the fallen Paramount Cheif to the president that he want him to be re elected so that development activities should continue, you mean the president could choose not to honour such a person. When writing late us be realistic. It’s not a joke to compaign to win in this situation Mutharika has gone there to represent the country, because of that theCheif is going to be honoured with military ceremony we should thank God for that he has met Saulos yes late them chat but they belong to two different compus.ngati m’maganiza kuti mukapanga compain ku maliro ndiye mwama madzi. Nzimu wa parmount cheif uuse muntendere.

  4. In the story you are saying for Chilima is from unofficial source meaning it’s not confirmed yet. Why are you and the social commentators base your arguments on unofficial confirmation to attack the president? You think Chilima is causing jitters in APM? If anything you UTM guys are the ones scared.

  5. Akupengetsani chilima simunati agalu inu I can see di phiphi sinking

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