Joyce Banda answers to childhood friend’s invitation

Former Malawi President Joyce Banda worshiped in the village at the Assemblies of God Church at the invitation of her childhood friend Chrissie who dropped out of school at the age of 13 due to school fees.

“At the age of 13, Chrissie and I were both selected to Good Girls Secondary Schools. Chrissie went to school one term and could not go back because her family could not raise the £6.10 (about K5 thousand) that we used paid as school fees in those days” Joyce Banda (JB) told Malawi24.

The People’s Party president said she was devastated that her best friend could not continue with school and that Chrissie’s dropping out of school remains monumental in her life as an activist for women’s rights.

“I was devastated that my best friend could not go back and she knows. It was at this point 14 years old that I decided that I would spent my adult life fighting for the rights of women and girls.

“When I speak about my work globally about women and girls always my speech starts with Chrissie.” she said.

According to JB, the two women made a pledge in 2013 to work hand in hand in fighting for women’s rights and in the promotion of girls education.

They then traveled together to New York where they met US President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.