Govt told to curb illegal immigration

Immigration Department

A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament (MP) has expressed concern over the increase in illegal immigrants in Malawi and has urged government to step up efforts in curbing the illegal entry of foreigners.

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, MP for Kasungu East Madalitso Kazombo expressed worry that the immigrants are doing businesses were being conducted by Malawians.

“They are operating businesses that Malawians have been conducting and they are also occupying our lands which is also worrisome,” he said.

Kazombo also noted that the immigrants such as Nigerians are the reasons why many young men and women are involved in drug dealing saying they use the citizens of the country to transfer the drugs to their countries by influencing them to swallow the drugs.

He therefore asked the government to introduce tough measures and increase salaries of immigration officers in order to curb the situation.

In his response, Minister of Homeland and Security Nicholas Dausi said they have recruited and trained 246 immigration officers on dealing with illegal immigrants and they are also computerizing and automating the payments of passports.

Dausi added that the ministry is ensuring that immigrants are screened when entering the country.

On the issue of selling land to foreigners, the minister urged Malawians not to be bribed by the immigrants to avoid becoming refugees in their own country.

He also advised Malawians to stop aiding and abetting foreigners.


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  1. One thing that Malawi as a country has missed is to protect Malwians by categorizing businesses as those which are for Malawians only and no foreigners should be allowed do do such businesses, Especially small and medium enterprises. In all SDC countries this policy is there. This is a citizen empowerment policy. Burundis are selling beans, ground nuts etc, bought from locals at a cheap price and resold at a higher price. Foreigners should run a category of businesses that will employ one or two Malawians. Are the Burundis and many other foreigners running small businesses employing any Malawians?

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