Lunguzi’s rival Bandawe threatens to sue MCP


Juliana Lunguzi’s rival in Dedza East Patrick Bandawe has threatened to sue the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for declaring Lunguzi winner of Sunday’s controversial primary elections in the constituency.

Presiding officer for the polls Peter Chalera announced Bandawe winner of the elections with 821 voters while Lunguzi got 815.

However, on Monday the MCP declared Lunguzi winner saying some of Bandawe’s votes were given to him by another contestants who after noting that he had lost directed his supporters to vote for Bandawe. The party also found that delegates from 31 areas did not take part in the elections.

In a statement yesterday, Bandawe said the MCP already seemed to have decided on the winner before the elections were conducted.

He demanded an explanation from the party on how it settled on Lunguzi as winner despite results of the polls showing otherwise.

“I will be forced to seek legal redress if the party does not address this matter, especially in view of the fact that the party seemed to have settled on the winner long before the elections and it is determined to ensure this dream is not disrupted,” said Bandawe.

In his statement, Bandawe accused Lunguzi of ferrying fake delegates to the venue of the polls despite an earlier agreement that transport arrangements for delegates would be made by a constituency committee.

He said Lunguzi’s conduct led to disagreements over the composition of delegates but the other contestants agreed to go on with the elections “in the spirit of democracy”.

He also questioned the party for rejecting the results which were confirmed by its own presiding officer based on complaints from one side.

“While they have listened to Hon. Lunguzi’s version of events, the party has not yet made an attempt to hear me out. As I issue this press statement, on Monday 4pm, the party has made no effort to reach out to me. What kind of justice is this?,” Bandawe said.

He added that the party should have declared the elections null and void and order a re-run rather than claiming that Lunguzi was a pre-poll favourite and would have won had the 31 areas taken part in the election.

Bandawe has since threatened to take legal action if the party does not provide an explanation by the end of today.