Getting the DPP out of govt. is a national priority – Chakwera

MCP President Chakwera Malawi Leader of Opposition

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President, Lazarus Chakwera, says 2019 Tripartite Elections offer Malawians a rare opportunity to “disabuse” the nation of a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government.

He described the DDP-led government as corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, abusive and clueless and that getting the voting out the current regime is a national priority.

“With [2019] election in particular, Malawians would have stood in those long lines knowing that they have a rare and real opportunity to disabuse themselves of: a government that is corrupt, a government that is dishonest, a government that is incompetent, a government that is clueless, a government that is recalcitrant, a government that is abusive, a government that is violent, a government that is divisive, a government that is wasteful, a government that is secretive, and  a government that has to go”

“When Malawians step into the voting booth to overthrow the DPP government, they will not be doing it for the love of their tribe, because getting the DPP out of government is a national priority” said Chakwera who was the guest of honor.

Chakwera assured his supporters that Malawians will replace DPP with MCP in 2019, saying his party is the only one among the contenders that can build a new Malawi.

“The new government that will build a new Malawi from May, 2019 will be formed by Malawi Congress Party because Malawians believe that we are more capable of solving national problems than any other party and because Malawians are tired of voting for parties with manifestos full of empty and broken promises.”

He also reminded Malawians of the infrastructure development built by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

“Malawians know that they go to hospitals built by MCP,
“They study at colleges built by MCP,
“They get public service from parastatals built by MCP,
“They live in homes powered by electricity lines built by MCP, they mostly travel on roads built by MCP,
“They do business and work in cities built by MCP,
“They fly out of airports built by MCP,
“They eat food and grow crops from industries built by MCP, they seek protection from a police force and army built by MCP”

He said MCP will provide Malawians “the selfless service of a grateful President”.

He was accompanied by Sidik Mia, the party’s vice president for the South who commentators say he joined MCP on the promise of being Chakwera’s running mate.


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  1. It make sense voting for chilima is making no different by voting for dpp

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