Chakwera attacks Saulos Chilima: UTM will not win 2019 elections

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has hit at UTM leader Saulos Chilima for not speaking out against corruption when he was a member of the ruling DPP.

Speaking during a Tambala Night Fundraising Dinner on Friday at Comesa Hall in Blantyre, Chakwera warned Malawians against Chilima who he said was silent on corruption for over 4 years but only started speaking out when he was left out from being DPP’s torchbearer.

“Government will be formed by MCP because voting Malawians are tired of individuals in high positions of government being silent and idle about DPP corruption and wastage for four years, and then suddenly speaking out against it when they need votes” said Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition in the Malawi Parliament,

His attacks on Chilima coincide with recent reports that talks between the two leaders to form an electoral MCP/UTM alliance hit rock bottom after failing to agree who would be the alliance’s torchbearer.

Sources from both MCP and UTM said Chilima refused to be Chakwera’s running mate.

At the same fundraising dinner, an optimistic Chakwera assured his supporter that MCP will contest and win the 2019 presidential race.

“The new government that will build a new Malawi from May, 2019 will be formed by Malawi Congress Party” said the resolute Chakwera while warning Malawians of parties that only offer manifestos full of empty and broken promises.

He was content of MCP being the only party that can offer the country “the selfless service of a grateful President”.



  1. Abraham Lincoln never criticized any other candidates for running of Presidential office. He won and changed the face of USA by then. My Hon Preacher Man, Saulos Chilima had no way as he was in the system and be thankful that he is able to speak out this time and giving you some ideas of how you can tackle issues on corruption. You must shake his hand that he has been bold to speak now cos it’s time. Remember when you were on the pulpit you never criticized MCP during the reigns of late HKB. Don’t remove the speck in the eyes from someone before you remove yours.

  2. A chasika mwayamba kuyankhula za corruption now chifukwa choti Chilima samaopa kutchula zoipa za dpp wakusegulani mmaso pa muzioneka ngati olimba ntima zaziiiiii muzioa ndizachinyamatatu izi mungathe za morden za techonology izi

  3. that’s right but why asking for help from a learning politician who is to weak to influence change in this country? or is it that you don’t believe in yourself to achieve for this country?

  4. Bwana talk how u will your government not someone else this is cheap political propaganda

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