RVG, Mponda booed at Kamuzu Stadium


Malawi national football team coach Ronny Van Geunegden (RVG) and his deputy Peter Mponda, had an afternoon to forget yesterday when they were booed during Flames under-23 second leg encounter against Botswana.

The Flames tacticians who failed to guide the senior team to victory in Comoros Island on Saturday, were argued to have a negative influence on the impressive junior side.

Peter Mponda

Mponda: Booed on the touchline

Occupying the technical panel’s benches, Mponda frequently stood up to give instructions to the boys which did not go well with most fans.

People felt the under-23 team’s boss Meke Mwase who led the boys to a 2-1 victory in Botswana, was being undermined. They believed RVG and Mponda’s interference in the junior side’s affairs was disturbing the team.

Fans were also angered by the inclusion of some senior team players in the starting line up. Precious Sambani, Patrick Phiri and Brighton Munthali were fielded at the expense of strictly under-23 players.

However, Mponda seemed not to be moved by the jeers, as he continued to give the instructions as if he was in charge of the team.

Peter Mponda

Mponda: was booed on the touchline

The former Flames captain is falling out of favour with football loving Malawians for spoiling the senior team. Fans believe he is the reason most deserving players get left out of the senior team’s squad leading to pathetic results.

Malawi under-23 made it to the next qualifying phase of Olympic games on a 3-2 aggregate after a one all draw against Botswana yesterday.

The Flames were were booted out of the African Cup of Nations pursuit on Saturday.



  1. The moment I saw RVG and Peter on the technical area I left the stadium despite paying on the gate. I knew that the boys will not win the match against Botswana! They have a negative influence on the team as far as the national team is concerned. They have managed to destroy the snr national team and now u23! Zonse nokha u coach, please leave Meke and his colleagues alone. U have demonstrated that you can’t manage a national team. The u23 could have won that game without u, nanga Ku Botswana how did they win it?

  2. Who allowed those two morons RVG and PM to be on the bench of under 23? No wonder the under 23 drew 1-1. RVG and PM are bad omen to our under 23 team. Next time I sue them to court in The Hague

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