Escom LTD takes over Facebook


ESCOM LTD has taken over the social media in Malawi.

Malawians are being slammed on Facebook. They are being mocked from all corners. They are being mocked over the power crisis which a trending parody page says is their own making.

Spanning from wanton tree cutting, poverty, failure to pay bill among many other reasons is the page saying Malawians have made the situation on their own.

A parody account Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) named Escom LTD has taken to social media to make pun of the persistent blackouts and ESCOM’s inability to overcome the power outages.

As power outages have now increased to nine hours a day in the wake of the summer the parody account has also found it an appropriate time to poke fun on the entire nation.

In one post, the page which has over 8000 followers, mocked some Malawians who are critical of the situation but have ’embarrassingly low’ balances in their electricity metres.

It says Escom is now busy ‘managing the people’s funds.’

In the other, they asked people belonging to the working class and pay for bills such as various bouquets on DSTV and GOTV to send their locations so that the load shedding exercise skips them.

This is perhaps a mockery of the classism behind ESCOM’s power distribution whereby areas deemed to house worthy people hardly experience blackouts.

The parody page has not been silent as the Black Friday is once again upon us.

On Twitter, another parody account has been having a dig at Escom and blackouts.