School leavers tipped on NCHE application process


Maphunziro265, a youth-led voluntary organization that seeks to create a world where the youth have access to quality education, on Saturday conducted a school leavers’ mentorship session at Liwonde Community Day Secondary School in Machinga.

The purpose of the session was to tip school leavers on Public Universities Admission application process using the National Council for Higher Education’s (NCHE) application form.

As such, the school leavers were oriented on how to correctly complete the NCHE application form. They were also taken through different programs offered by different public universities and their respective requirements.

School leavers and mentors during the training

To spice up the session, Alumni and current students from University of Malawi –UNIMA (Chancellor College and Kamuzu College of Nursing) and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources –LUANAR provided useful tips on how to increase one’s chances of being admitted into a public university despite stiff competition and limited availability of space.

Miss Lucy Chihana, one of the Maphunziro265 Ambassadors in the Eastern Region who is also a Staff Associate at Chancellor College, pointed out that the session was organized to accord school leavers in Liwonde access to information that would enlighten them on NCHE application process and all that is required.

Chihana observed that school leavers in rural areas are deprived of information to guide them through the application process unlike those in urban settings.

“A lot of times, students from urban areas have lots of information so much that as soon as MSCE [Malawi School Certificate of Education] results are out, they know what to do and what is expected of them which is not the case with students in rural areas who don’t have such information or have access to it when it’s late; with the deadline too close. We as Maphunziro265, therefore, felt like if we engage school leavers in rural areas, they would be in a position to know what to do and what is expected of them, hence, stand an equal chance,” she said.

In an interview, Kelvin Kawisa, a school leaver from Mawira Private Secondary School in Liwonde who scored 23 points in the 2018 MSCE exams commended Maphunziro265 for the rare opportunity he was accorded.

Kelvin pointed out that the session allowed him important information that will help him in making informed decisions when applying for a place at a public university

“Before this session, I was ignorant of what programs are offered at which universities and colleges. However, having attended the session, I am well informed of the programs that are offered by different public universities. Such knowledge will surely guide me when the time comes to submit my Public University Admission application form because I will be able to make informed choices,” expressed Kelvin.

The session held in Liwonde was patronized by 14 school leavers (7 male and 7 female) and is one of a series of sessions that Malphunziro265 is conducting across the country to prepare school leavers for the forthcoming Public University Admission application process.