Mutharika is a liar – Chilima

CChilima endorsed the demos

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima says President Peter Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are team of liars.

Chilima, speaking during a rally UTM held in Nkhotakota a couple of days a go, Chilima accused President Mutharika of lying to Malawians on the abolished tuition fees for public secondary schools announced in September.

Chilima said the funding to finance the construction of schools was not from the government coffer but donors and that Malawians.

“Funding for this initiative is from the US Government. It is part of an agreement which will see Government construct Secondary School blocks. If someone tells you otherwise, know that they are lying” said Chilima.

Government abolished tuition fees in September while general purpose fund and the textbook revolving fund in all government-owned secondary schools will be scrapped in January, 2019.

This means students in government day secondary schools will not be required to pay any fees to government except development fees which is paid to the school. Those in public boarding schools will also be required to pay boarding fees.



  1. great minds discuss ideas and dull minds discuss individual.dont fight the podium drunken master,he is a fool!

  2. Chilima is bitter. He is doing everything he can just to get the seat of the Presidency. He doesn’t even understand the description of a lie. Infact, its Him who is lying about million jobs in a year. Whenever he is on podium, the only thing he knows well is to castigate others. That for me is a dirty politics.

  3. SKC, there is one mistake you are making in your life today and this mistake will take you nowhere. We know you think that Malawians can make your enemies their enemies a thing they can or will never do. We know that you have rejected your leaders a thing Malawians can or will never do in their lives. It is unfortunate being deceived by tired and poverty striken people willing to wreck the true leadership of PROF APM and flout the sound development agenda intended for the poor Malawians, you still cling to the position of the government you are accusing of silly things. You think Malawians can believe you, NO. Malawians will vote for you because you are looking and exposing someone along your side, NEVER. This is playing cheap propaganda.
    MALAWIANS BELIEVE IN SOMEONE WHO CAN COMPETENTLY HOLD A STEERING WHEEL AND DRIVE THEM AWAY FROM A DANGER ZONE; SOMEONE WHO IS A SELF STARTER AND A TRUE LEADER!! REMEMBER THE SAYING OF THE OLD “weak minds discuss people but strong minds create and discuss ideas.” Malawians are not looking for weak leaders. Change your strategy if you want to win the hearts of malawians.

  4. How is it a lie when you get money for a purpose and you put that money to that intended purpose? I don’t follow the logic. The only liar I see here is you Chilima. You are telling Malawians that you are going to stop corruption and yet you are surrounded by corruption itself! Your party has already got corruption practices! You are telling Malawians that you are going to develop Malawi but DPP is already doing that and quite frankly I want to believe you and I have scrutinised your ideas! all you have done is stolen ideas from DPP and you are trying to claim they are your policies! which is lying!

    My advice to you as a Malawian is this: Don’t indulge in dirty politics trying denigration of the old man! NO! Come up with your ideas, be clear about them and then sell them to us! If we are convinced we will vote for you but the more rude and badly behaved you are the less interesting you get! By the way when you become a public figure excessive alcohol consumption is a fatal sin! Take heed!

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