Death of six Malawian soldiers shocks Mutharika

…says MDF soldiers have not died in vain

President Peter Mutharika has expressed shock and sadness over the death of six Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mutharika who is also Commander in Chief of the MDF and Minister of Defence has condoled families of the soldiers saying the men, who died while in battle, did not die in vain.

MDF announced on Thursday that four soldiers were killed during joint operations carried out by United Nation peacekeepers and the Congolese army against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in Northern Kivu. Two more soldiers died Thursday night following further fighting.

In a statement signed by Presidential Spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani, Mutharika says he regrets the loss of the brave and disciplined soldiers who have paid the ultimate human price while facilitating peace in Congo.

Mutharika has urged the remaining MDF soldiers who are in DRC on the current MDF mission to be strong as they continue with their mission.

“Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika assures the mission of his ultimate support in these trying times and wishes those injured a quick recovery,” says the statement.

Meanwhile, the MDF, government and the United Nations are working on logistics to bring the bodies of the soldiers to Malawi.



  1. chifukwa cha umphawi wathu asilikali athu a mphavu azifa chonchi pa nkhani za mdziko lina loti chitukuko chawo ife simapindula ngakhale 8%ya ndalama zawo.
    A presdent athu anakakhala kuti amaganiza ngati professor zinthu zikuyenda bwino koma akumaganiza ngati mlimi yemwe amangovomera mtengo wa mbeu zake kuchokera kwa ogula ngati ogulawo amalima nawo……same as akuchita STATE PRESDENT

  2. UN is to blame for all the nonsense. Instead of the UN soldiers to go protect citizens from Joseph Kabila who have already ruled for 17 years. Why not them capture a man who is breaking laws, stealing people resources, killing them by painting them as rebels, That money UN is taking from DRC is for local people who have no food. White man is stealing diamond in exchange for Guns for a black man to shoot his brother.

  3. Pearce keeping..u dint do it with the government or rebels side..this is now like what usa was doing in afghsn..patroling with aghab is war..therefore there will be casualities of wa.r.peacre keeping u wear blue beretw and use white vihicles to patrol pearceful streets ..parliament should review if malawi has joined a civil war. Legally i we have joined a war..the rebels from congo are justified to come yo karonga or chitipa or mzuzu and hgive us abit of some good news( coz we r at war.

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