Teenagers drinking boiled used sanitary pads liquid

Young people in Indonesia are boiling used sanitary pads and nappies to drink the resulting liquid in order to get high.

The Indonesian National Drug Agency (BNN) confirmed the story saying the chemicals in the sanitary pads give those who drink the concoction a feeling of “flying” and hallucinations.

“The used pads they took from the trash were put in boiling water. After it cooled down, they drank it together,” Senior Commander Suprinarto, head of the BNN in Central Java has been quoted as saying by Daily Mirror.

The publication said there are other young people who boil used nappies – some dirty – for the same reason.

The Indonesian Police have reportedly arrested children as young as 14 said to be high from the “sanitary pad formula”.

It’s believed users boil the sanitary pads for over one hour before drinking it when it is once cooled.