DPP MP launches trophy

Democratic Progressive Party

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator Emuhiye Dennis Namachekecha over the weekend launched K3 million football and netball trophies in Phalombe North East.

The launches were held at Dindi Primary School and Mphembedzu Primary School on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Democratic Progressive Party
Namachekecha at the launch

The K3 million trophies are expected to be played in two wards namely Swang’oma and Mauzi.

“On top of what we promised we thought that we can give the youth something in form of a tournament both netball and football. We have decided to engage our youth so as to be a bit busy.

“We have taken a bit of time because we have got a lot of problems in Phalombe North East such as roads infrastructure, water systems among others which we were looking into hence launching these trophies today,” said the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker.

He added by promising the youth that after these trophies are completed next month, another one worth Mk5 million will be launched and will be competed for by  teams from the whole constituency.

On his part, organising secretary of the committee running the trophies, Dalitso Tipoti, reminded administrators and supporters of all the participating teams about the need to refrain from violence.

“My message to the teams is that they should avoid conduct that may erupt violence and let me remind them that violence has no space in every sporting activity, if any team has a concern the best way isn’t starting the violence but they should be sending that concern to our committee and we shall assist them accordingly,” said Tipoti.

In both wards, the competitions are expected to be completed by the last week of the month of December this year which shall see the champion in each ward taking home MK170,000 with a trophy in football and MK90,000 with a trophy in netball.