Chilima’s dreamy promises are a reflection of his incompetence, analysts


When Zeinab Badawi grilled Saulos Chilima on the BBC Hard Talk last month, journalists in South Africa described his character probably in the best possible way. They called him a “Charltan”.

Saulos is a quack, analysts suggest. He pretends he knows. But he doesn’t know anything. That is why people have described some of promises as fantasies.

Let’s take his one million jobs in one year promise for example. Badawi asked him about this promise and Chilima failed to give details how he would do it in an economy this small.

An analyst speaking on the public broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation said one of the largest companies in Malawi employs 4,000 people. Illovo is not a new comapny. It has been in Malawi for more than 50 years. It did not employ all the 4,000 people within its first year of operation.

According to the analyst, Happy Chirwa, it means it would require 250 companies of Illovo’s size to create 1 million jobs. But it is impossible to establish 250 companies of that size in one year. That’s where the 1 million jobs lie lies.

Saulos claims he will create a K40 billion fund that will give K200,000 each to 200, 000 people who shhould start a business. His argument is that each of these 200,000 people will employ 5 people.

This shows how ignorant Chilima is with realities. He sees things in dreams and not in realities. He does not understand that there is no way a business with a capital of K200,000 can employ 5 people.

But it is not surprising that Chilima keeps saying things that are mere fantasy and unachievable, says another analyst and scholar Imran Jafali.

He says Saulos walked into his current situation unprepared for the challenge.

“Actually, it almost looks like he was forced into it. He went into this without an agenda. His priority at the moment is his ambition to be president. But for him to get it, he has to tell us things. And in his naivety he thinks even promising things we do not need such as bullet trains is something we will buy into,” said Jafali an interview.

Jafail said in many cases, Chilima promises things that are already being implemented.

“We have Indian hemp trials going on as we speak. We have Green Belt Authority implementing a number of commercial irrigation projects. We know the numerous youth development programmes which the government is implementing. We know of programmes in education, health, ICT and many others.

“Hon. Chilima is promising to do things that are already being done. That gives an impression of someone pretending he knows what to do,” said Jafali, adding:

“Where he seems he has his own ideas, he says things that are no more than fantasies and not needed by the people of Malawi. When he makes sense, he has copied from the manifestos of the old parties. I do not think this is the challenge he is prepared for. This country needs competent leadership.”



  1. It is a pity. If he had enough patience and humility he has enough intelligence to learn. He however is too ambitious and he finds he has to start talking fantasy. For someone who was that close to government and fail to understand the reality! the significance of facts! is a very troubling trend.
    His immaturity is coming out clearly when he starts claiming that DPP won because of him! he came into the election far too late for that to have the remotest of relevance! even if it was true! What Malawians want to hear is what difference is he going to make that his old party cant do? I don’t buy his anti corruption rubbish! he is surrounded by corruption ! you cant use a disease to get rid of the same disease! Chilima is either a big liar or is a very shallow ambitious amateur politician which Malawi does not need Thank you

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