DPP and UTM are in alliance – Kunkuyu


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) campaign director Moses Kunkuyu has claimed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) planned the formation of UTM to take away votes from MCP.

He made the claim on Sunday at Chibavi school ground where the Malawi Congress Party conducted a youth rally.

Kunkuyu: they are one

Kunkuyu said DPP and UTM are not divided as they claim and wondered why President Peter Mutharika and Vice President Saulos Chilima are fighting when they are both in government.

“These guys know that, their day are numbered and they are just one, don’t trust them, we are tired,” he said.

Kunkuyu then urged people in the Northern Region to vote for MCP and its leader Lazarus Chakwera in next year’s presidential election who is promising a better Malawi for all and Malawians.

“Dr. Chakwera is ready to govern this country as he knows the problems [Malawians are facing] having spoken about the same in and outside parliament for 4 years and he sent me to assure you of this,” Kunkuyu said.

During his speech, Kunkuyu also condemned the quota system of selecting students to public universities saying it is affecting people from the Northern region who depend on education.

He assured the people that MCP will abolish the system during the first parliamentary sitting after the 2019 polls.

He said: “This system is denying Malawians from the North an opportunity to develop, MCP will end all these. Being from the North has not to be a burden.”


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  1. MCP started quarter system and even chased teachers who taught in other regions and sent them back to the north. Late Bingu just copied what the MCP government did by reintroducing the quarter system.

    What Kunkuyu is saying to connect DPP to UTM is a desperate attempt to try to win people’s support because he knows Chakwera is losing steam quickly-there is too much instability in MCP and the storm refuses to die down. Sooner or later there will be an exodus of prominent MCP leaders heading to UTM.

    It is like a curse inflicted on MCP to be failing to have a new surge and gain an advantage over other parties. Should we say Chakwera is a victim of this curse which evolved out of past MCP atrocities?

    There is no swag and excitement enjoyed in the new MCP, but there is more confusion and leadership challenge. I think all this is drawn out of scepticism amongst the people who still don’t feel safe to be led by an outsider in the party.

    Dr Lazarus Chakwera is a good man but he is betrayed by a party that hides darkness of the past-the loyalists alike, leaders at the core of the party, were more subordinent to JZU Tembo then than Chakwera now hence the confusion and disloyalty. Chakwera is regarded as a novice and outsider.

    If this insubordinate trend fails to stop, then Chilima stands to benefit immensely thereby creating a solid base plus capturing a nationwide demographic support in the youth and women. Come March next year, MCP will be a tattered party in the Centre and winning a competitive election will be a tall order by the month of May.

    This is why Kunkuyu is now desperately engaging in a propaganda mode because he knows that Chilima is there to whitewash MCP, being also a son of the Central region. Regardless, Malawians are not fools and they will connect a lie to lack of truth.

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