Chakwera blasted: He is useless

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) National Executive Committee members have accused their president, Lazarus Chakwera, of being a dictator whose failure to reform the party has made UTM popular among MCP members.

Two NEC members who spoke on strict condition of anonymity said Chakwera is the reason UTM is finding a haven in MCP stronghood in the Central Region where other parties have been failing to penetrate before Vice President Saulos Chilima.

“Where do you think our MPs that we have kicked out will end up being. Chakwera has frustrated MPs that are popular among Malawians. MPs like Juliana Lunguzi and Jessie Kabwira are definitely going to follow Richard Msowoya to UTM,” confided one member of the party’s national executive committee.

“The only thing Chakwera is good at is to release emotionally charged statements against government. He is like a Pharisee who can hardly see a log in his own eye. He has failed to reform MCP to be a force to reckon with. He has sold the Party to people of questionable repute like (Sidik) Mia and Harry Mkandawire. Yet, thrown away people who set out a strong team in the 2014 elections,” he added.

Another member said with Chakwera as Leader of Opposition and of the party, MCP has not progressed.

“As you can see from the recent IPOR study, we are still trailing DPP. We should have been the first. But we are second. Chakwera is useless and good for nothing. His leadership is weak. He has failed to convince more Malawians to see MCP as the mighty party like it used to be.”



  1. Chakwera is a dectator whether you like it or not. He booted the likes of Msowoya, Kaliwo and canningly hold a quick convention. He is now leaving Mia in the cold? He is a leader who need not to be trusted and mind you he is selling off MCP. The once giant party is being reduced to nothing before your eyes.

  2. This guy is really useless, he could do what ever it takes for him to make sure he is in control. He canningly pushed the Giants in MCP only to have easy descendancy to power. He engaged Mia he is disposing off and opt for Chilima now. Even though some are backing this autocrat, he is killing MCP in his selfishness. You are all seeing him selling off then once mighty party as if it is his personal property. He is very dangerous once rise to presidency he will employ the same tactics to establish himself as life president. The only remaining hope for him is to achieve his ambitions through Chilima’s back.

  3. It shows that these are the views of the reporter not from MCP NEC members. What journalism are you practising here at malawi24? In your stories, You leave a lot to be desired, fake stories with unrelated and unrealistic topics. By the way who has been booted out from the party by Chakwera? This is democratic era, if the incumbent mps have lost in primaries, it doesnt mean that Chakwera has booted them out, it is the wish of the constituents themselves. If Chakwera would have hand-picked them to represent mcp then Chakwera would be undemocratic. Kabwira and Juliana Lungunguzi are intact in mcp and their primaries are yet to come and if their constituencies trust them they will be elected to contest under mcp in the forthcoming general elections.

  4. Those guys are talking nonsense they must just go out in peace mcp is number one there is nothing like UTM gaining popularity in Mcp strongholds, iChakwera and Mcp boma next year take or leave it

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