Dear time, be fair with Nyasa Guruz

Nyasa Guruz

The decisions of time are seldom rescindable, oh amen! Who knew that one day Malawi`s highly talented music group the Nyasa Guruz was going to fall out of favour of time?

Having got into the limelight somewhere around 2005, the boys had a knack of crafting great music. Their tunes adorned the country`s entertainment circles and one could be judged to be deaf for not appreciating that.

Nyasa Guruz
Returned from a hiatus

On a sad note, the Guruz` reign was brief as they took a hiatus for close to 10 years. However, Malawi still had a reason to remember them during their absence. Their good music is that reason.

Early this year, the band made a return with tunes like Lero ndi Lako amidst high expectations from the receiving end. From the look of things, the audience` expectations are not a match for the deliveries.

Their latest products are also good but short of longevity as that of Nthawi. These are songs that have been denied an opportunity to buzz, not by the media but people`s music tastes.

Time has decided, its change has seen a different flavour of music coming into the scene. One would argue that Nyasa Guruz is missing something which is synonymous with the status quo in the local music arena.

Well, it has been proven that it is not easy to regain your long lost spot in music circles if you take an elongated break. Unless artists negotiate with time, there is no way.

A sole member of Nyasa Guruz, Blackjack, never went missing because he was still active in his group`s absence. Nevertheless, his impact is not enough to get his dear band back on its feet.

Time has directed the boys into other professions making music their free time activity. Yes music is not rewarding in Malawi, it is not a guarantee for one’s daily bread. But time should be fair with these talented boys because Malawi misses them.