Mutharika is Professor of Law-Breaking – Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera and Peter Mutharika

…Resign or Malawians will drag you out of office

Malawi Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, has described President Peter Mutharika as Professor of Law-breaking and a tribal president.

President Peter Mutharika
Professor of law breaking

Chakwera, who is also President of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), was reacting to the new cabinet that Mutharika announced on Wednesday.

Calling the cabinet “a shameful disgrace and an unprecedented insult to all Malawians” Chakwera said Mutharika should be ashamed of himself.

He said the new cabinet was “divisive” and said Mutharika was no longer a Law Professor because he has disregarded the legal requirement of having at least 40 percent of women representation in decision making.

“Our laws require at least 40% of female representation in decision making. You are now thus a Professor Of Law-breaking.

Chakwera also attacked the appointment into cabinet of Charles Mchacha who slut-shamed women supporting other political parties, describing women who support UTM as prostitutes.

The MCP president then asked Mutharika to resign or face the wrath of Malawians.

“Mr President, I want you to mark my words: ‘Your time of abusing Malawians is over’. Now, you can either leave office gracefully and voluntarily or be removed by the Malawians who will boot you out of office for insulting them yet again with this cabinet”.