Prophet Uebert Angel: Jesus is not a Christian

Prophet Uebert Angel

Controversial Zimbabwean prophet, Uebert Angel of Good News Ministries says  Jesus is not a Christian.

Prophet Uebert Angel
Uebert Angel: Jesus is not Christian

“A Christian is a FOLLOWER of Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ is not trying to be HIMSELF. He is CHRIST and we who receive him by his indwelling are CHRISTIANS and the moment the word impregnates our SPIRIT, Christianity becomes JESUS CHRIST expressing himself through us!” he posted on Instagram.

He further clarified on the primary goal of his post, saying it was not intended to ascertain on whether a Christian is like Christ or not.

“Let me ADD: the point of this post was not to argue whether Christian is not like Christ but whether Christ is a Christian or not! “As he is so are we in this world” The entrance of his word makes us the expression of Christ.

“The word in us by the baptism of the Holy Spirit makes us Christ Like. That doesn’t mean Christ is a Christian and mind you the word Christian is mentioned only twice in the bible Acts 26:28 and 1 Peter 4:16 In Acts by pagans and Peter as reference to suffering”.

Prophet Angel is one of the most followed self-acclaimed men of God in Africa. He founded his ministry in 2006 and has churches allover the world. He is regarded to be Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s spiritual father, and the two are often seen together.