Nkhotakota MP demands Malawi to bring back JC Exams

Nkhotakota Central Constituency parliamentarian Peter Mazizi says will lobby parliamentarians to ask government to reinstate Malawi Junior Certificate exams (JCE)during the next parliamentary sitting which starts this Friday 9 November 2018.

Malawi MP Peter Mazizi
Peter Mazizi cries for JCE

In an interview over the weekend when he addressed a rally at Chombo Primary school ground, Mazizi said it is very unfortunate that the scrapping off of the exams is lowering education standards in most schools.

“Coming from a teaching background myself, I have seen that the hard working spirit in most students is not there since they know they are not writing exams in the next 3 years” he said

Mazizi, who owns one of the top Private Schools in the district, said continuous assessments at the school and other schools across the country have shown that most students are not working harder like before due to the fact that they are not writing exams in between their secondary school period.

He also wondered why government is planning to start offering free secondary education instead of channeling the same fees to administering J.C exams.

He said “ it is very interesting to see that the same government which said has not have money to use for administering JCE exams all over a sudden has money to use for  free secondary education.

The parliamentarian also took time to urge the people of the area to vote for him and Dr Lazarus Chakwera in the coming 2019 elections saying doing so will enable them enjoy roads and infrastructure development in the district.



  1. Gerald Phiri please, write in Tonga maybe, so that we understand you

  2. Gerald Phiri please, write in Tonga maybe, so that we understand you

  3. Gerald Mapanga Phiri, I can see that you were the problem. Why were you speaking Tonga in a community where people were not speaking Tonga? Does it make sense for someone to speak English in community where they do not speak English? Now if someone tells you that what you were doing was bad, you think he was hating you? If you could have listened to him you could have been writing good English.

  4. I know mazizi when he is hard worker. He was my teacher. He told math at katimbila primary those days but he had dark side, he is hate northern region people and he is regionalist to the core. He told me openly as I used to speak Tonga at school my mother’s tongue as born Southern father and northern mother , my father settled in nkhota where I was born. He knows me well although I’m in the country now. Yes I support what he says but when I read what he says and it recalls me, his hate of there tribes like Tumbuka, Tonga, Lomwe, Yawo. And when hear I see tribalist, regionalist

  5. What is this guy smoking in Nkhotakota? Stop smoking the forbidden weed please.

  6. What a shit of an MP! JC is gone basi. Your MCP removed Std 5 exams, what impact did it have? Pupils now are in primary school for 8 years without exam.

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