Salanje Challange takes over Malawian social media

Hastings Salanje

…Flaunt Your Wealth challenge hits Malawi

Pastor Hastings Salanje has left his public stunts consume the entire social media sphere in Malawi. The flamboyant South African based pastor had posted a video while flaunting his wealth.

In the video, he also slammed residents of Chilomoni, a township situated in the outskirts of Blantyre city, for rebuking him and rejecting his ministry before he found gold in the Rainbow nation.

He tells them “You see, the people of Chilomoni, am here in RSA enjoying life. As you can see am driving a new Jaguar, 2018 make and my wife is here with me. If you hadn’t rejected me, I would be enjoying this wealth with you the people of Chilomoni”.

His bragging prowess has stimulated what is being dubbed as the #SalanjeChallenge in which people are also poking fun the people of Chilomoni while showcasing things like food, expensive clothing, cars, schools and even houses.

In one of the trending videos, people are seen cleaning their hands using Carlsberg Green beer while slamming the people of Chilomoni saying they were as rejected as Salanje by residents of the township and that they now have money and are enjoying in Lilongwe.

In another video, a woman also flaunts her wealth in a salon where she is having her hair done. She calls out the people of Chilomoni as ‘short sighted’  having rejected her and that she now has money to go to fancy hairdressers and salons in Lilongwe.

Salanje has over the years been known as a braggart. At some point he turns his ire on Malawians calling them ‘stupid’ for not respecting his prophecies and Ministry as he later made huge money in RSA.

The Salanje Challenge has some similarities to the Flaunt Your Wealth challenge or the Falling Stars trend that took over social media in China last month.



  1. Jesus Christ was taken by Satan and Satan showed him everything that was on earth including cars not jaguar but cars not made from fiber but real steel and you know what Jesus said.
    hah aha sorry man of God showing things mm mm mm mm not good with your ministry be you unless otherwise


  2. You junior devil have already received your reward. Jesus didn’t boast that he was better off instead he wept for Jerusalem though many Jews in this city were against him. In this way he’s not weeping for the lost of Chilomoni people. I don’t care who’s welcoming you white, black, red, blue but I find pleasure to be welcomed by Jesus not people destined for hell. I find pleasure when Jesus promised me to walk on the streets of gold not red carpet which gets expired within few weeks. I find pleasure when Jesus said I’ll enjoy in the kingdom of God not South Africa. Hastings what you’ve done us a spat in the face of poor people and God will make you pay for this come rain sunshine

  3. “If God is for us, who can be against us”
    This verse reminds us as children of God as to when should one flaunt God’s blessings into the face of the world with a meaningful testimony.
    For the bible says we are the testimony of God’s presence in our life.
    Again, Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 10:19-20; never to rejoice in the face of our subjects but making sure that our names are written in Heaven.
    Again Matthew 6:1 gives caution to a child of God’s mandate when exercising charity through God’s blessings to the world.

    To summarized here Apostle Paul warns every child of God from remaining as babies in Christ which I’m afraid to admit; I see it in a lot of children of God today.
    May only the true Gospel of Jesus Christ be the one flaunting in the faces of the world.

    In Jesus Mighty wisdom, He transmit this through my writing to you all. Amen!

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