Mutharika stops in Ntcheu: tells people to reject UTM


President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday stopped in Ntcheu where he urged voters to ignore Vice President Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Mutharika said the movement has no agenda and capacity to develop the country.

Mutharika speaking during the rally

Chilima dumped Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to form UTM saying he will root out rampant corruption, create a million jobs and transform Malawi if elected in the 2019 elections.

But speaking at Ntcheu old bus depot during a whistle stop tour on Wednesday, Mutharika said it is only the DPP which has the welfare of Malawians at heart.

The president claimed Malawians are already enjoying under his administration and they should vote for the DPP next year for the development projects to continue.

“DPP government is the only party that has the welfare of people at heart. Our party prioritizes issues to do with welfare of the people because we care. That is why I urge you the people of Ntcheu to continue supporting DPP so that we continue with development projects that will improve your lives,” said Mutharika.






  1. The problem for the president is that his people are busy preaching that DPP is a Lomwe Party so why should the Ntcheu People reject UTM yet Muli is telling people that DPP is for the Lomwes? UTM is here to stay & if there is a time when change is about to take place it is now.

  2. Mutharika ought to be ashamed of himself. In Mulanje, he has his tribesmen talk to the people never to vote for any other candidate other fellow Lomwe Peter Mutharika, meaning to say DPP is for the Lomwes only. Does Mutharika think other tribes have to support him when his leadership is encouraging tribalism and when his party is promoting it to the extent of making Lomwe a most important tribe? Does Mutharika think Ntcheu can reject their own son Chilima? You practice politics of division and you expect other tribes to support you? That’s being selfish and arrogant, and that’s a demonstration of moral decay.

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