TD Jakes: Women are incubators

Bishop T.D. Jakes has described women as  incubators of success primed to elevate influence and greater outcome.

Speaking on day one of the Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) Masterclass, TD Jakes said women are incubators of success as they are able to overcome daunting challenges and achieving greater outcomes.

“Women are by nature incubators. They have a natural inclination to grow what is on the inside of them. That is why you can give a woman a house and she’ll make it a home. You give a woman an idea and she’ll make it a Fortune 500 company” said TD Jakes, the chief architect behind WTAL.

The WTAL Conference, according to the information on the conference’s website, is an annual event that “galvanize women across the world to be loosed from a myriad of strongholds”

He added: “The enemy knows that if he can destroy your relationship to the seed, he can kill your vision. In the germination stage, you must find your stimulation place. Next is gestation. The thing about this stage is the vision is alive but it is under development. It won’t look like the end result but the process is sound,because then you step into manifestation”.

The event has lined up 20 other notable speakers in addition to Bishop TD Jakes who is one of most influential voices in the US.