Dowa rape case: Police set up task team

James Kadadzera

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has set up an independent task team to investigate the rape of a teenager in police custody.

According to MPS spokesperson James Kadadzera, the Inspector General of Police has set up an independent task team to investigate the allegation behind the case.

James Kadadzera
James Kadadzera: The rapist will be brought to justice

The team is chaired by Dennis Chipao who is the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police. It also comprise members of the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) and the Malawi Law Society (MLS).

On October 4, a 14 year old girl was raped whilst in police custody at Chisepo Police Unit in Mponela after she got arrested for a fight at her school.

The girl said a police officer was the one who raped her.

However, police claimed that a suspect who was in another cell on the night broke into the girl’s cell and raped her.

The incident was condemned by many organisations and some accused the police of shielding their fellow police officer.

In a statement today, Kadadzera said police are equally saddened by the incident and want justice to prevail.

The publicist said it is saddening to learn that a girl child was sexually abused whilst in police custody either by a suspect or by a police officer charged with the responsibility to protect her rights.

Kadadzera added that MPS has a duty to protect the rights of all persons and this duty extends to all detained persons under their custody.

“This incident is deeply regretted. MPS therefore undertakes to investigate the matter with diligence, commitment, and fairness so that the perpetrator of this offence is brought to justice,” he said.

He then assured the general public that the police are continuously determined to providing safety and security to all citizenry, such that the exposure of truth in the Mponela defilement incident is no exception.