Thugs steal airtime worth K4 million


Robbers on Monday broke into a Airtel Malawi Shop in Chikwawa and went away with airtime worth K4 million.

The Airtel shop in Chikwawa

The thugs who were ten in total also stole cash amounting to K489,000 and 91 Itel smartphones as well K124,000 from a Kukoma shop.

Retail supervisor Francis Kathewera told Chikwawa police that the ten thieves carrying metal bars and panga knives tied up a watchman and broke into the Kukoma Cooking Oil Shop building which houses the Airtel Shop.

Their target was the Airtel Shop and to reach it they dug a hole through a wall of the shop which they first broke into.

In the Airtel Shop, the criminals broke a safe and stole cash amounting to K489,000, 91 Itel smartphones and airtime worth over K4 million.

On their way back, the thugs stole K124,000 cash from the Kukoma Cooking Oil Shop’s cash drawer.

According to Chikwawa Police Spokesperson Foster Benjamin, the police are hunting for the robbers.