It’s fake news: Prophet Bushiri is annoyed


South African based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is annoyed with reports that he is returning to Malawi to join active politics.

Prophet Bushiri: It’s fake news

The prophet has described as fake news developed by “bad people whose minds are bent on destroying” any report claiming that he is coming to Malawi to announce his affiliation with either the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) or its breakaway pressure group, United Transformation Movement (UTM) of Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Through his Director of Communications, Ephraim Nyondo, the Prophet has bashed these as unfounded works of “bad people”.

Nyondo claims that there are “bad boys” who are bent on destroying Prophet Bushiri’s image and his his philanthropic activities in the country.

“Two days ago, I posted a pointer to a nation-wide education project we, as Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI), are meant to launch in Malawi in coming days.

“Good people got my word, wished us well and, interestingly, even went further to ask how they can be involved in this project. So encouraging.

“Bad people got my word, rushed to their political bosses, lied to them that Prophet Bushiri is announcing a political affiliation to their disadvantage, asked for money from their bosses to start an online campaign of scandalising us.

“Boys who earn a living by lying to Hon. Lazarus Chakwera start scandalising Prophet Bushiri and me, saying the ECG leader is coming to announce that he will be DPP’s running mate.

“Boys who lie to President Mutharika–and are never happy to see APM in good terms with Prophet Bushiri–start scandalising me and my boss, saying we are coming to announce an affiliation with UTM”  posted Nyondo on his Facebook.

Bushiri, who has always distanced himself from active politics claiming he is too smart to stand for a political position, said this was not the first time these unscrupulous individuals made up a story to dent his image.

“A day before the September 29 Crusade at Bingu National Stadium, a publication so close to State House wrote that the Crusade will be used by Prophet Bushiri to endorse Chilima. It turned out it was a normal crusade and APM even sent a senior minister, Hon Samuel Tembenu, to represent him” wrote Bushiri’s publicist.

Nyondo claims these individuals not happy to see APM in good terms with Major 1.

“That is why they will do everything to sow division between Prophet Bushiri and APM or between Prophet Bushiri and any other political leader. All they want is to see Prophet Bushiri in trouble”.

Malawi goes to polls in May 2019 to elect its President. Fake news in countries like the US and the UK are accredited to have influenced outcomes of elections, forcing social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to introduce measures aimed at countering fake stories on their platforms.

So far, strong contenders are the incumbent,. President Peter Mutharika of DPP, Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Vice President Lazarus Chakwera.

Except for Chakwera who is claimed to have lined up Sidik Mia as his running mate, Saulos Chilima and Peter Mutharika are keeping their cards close to their respective chests.



  1. You know I hope he gets caught before it’s too late, his man has caused enough damage and he has brainwashed all his followers to an extent that they made him their god. *Lost of words*

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