Angry mob kills man in Ekwendeni


People at Ekwendeni Trading Centre on Thursday morning beat to death a farm owner following the killing of his tenant.

The mob was enraged by the suspicious killing of a young boy whom the farm owner hired as a tobacco tenant at his farm. Malawi

The farm owner has been identified as Yotam Chitaya Mungululuka.

According to a police report, Yotam Chitaya hired a young man from Chikomplazi to be his tenant at his farm at Kamwe Estate.

However, four days ago Chitaya reported to the family of the said young man that their child is missing.

On Thursday, community members started searching around Kamwe area and the young man was found dead with penis and teeth removed.

Chitaya then took the body to the mortuary on his Toyota Hilux. From the hospital, he drove to Chikomplazi to convey the message to the relatives of the young man.

From there, it’s when the angry mob started beating Chitaya Mugulukuka.

They severely beat him such that he was taken to the hospital on a wheelbarrow.

Ekwendeni Mission Hospital staff tried to save the life of Chitaya but it was too late and he later died.

Yotam Chitaya came from Chitaya village in Mzimba North.