Prophet tells girl to undress during prayers


You might have heard of prophets of doom, prophets of all sorts and a Malawian prophet has sprung one surprise: a prophet of nakedness.

A prophet in Malawi ordered a young girl aged 18 to undress during a prayer session at his home for the Holy Spirit to enter her body.Malawi

The prophet, whom Malawi Police have identified as Robert Yosofati aged 45, runs a ministry in Dowa district.

According to the district’s police publicist Kondwani Kandiado, having convinced the girl to undress the prophet then applied unknown herbs on her private parts before demanding money amounting to K2500 as ‘payment for the services.’

Police say the girl graced the prophet having eavesdropped on women from her area saying the prophet had earned bragging rights for his prayers and ability to heal people.

The young girl was suffering from an unnamed stomach complication and decided to meet Yosofati but had not known it was her naked self she would fall to the planned prayer session.

The incident happened on 9th October in the area of Traditional Authority Kayembe in Dowa.

Having succumbed to pains from the stuck herbs, the girl gathered courage and informed her parents who later reported the matter to police a move that led to the arrest of Yosofati.

At the station, the prophet was quick to tell the law enforcers he was only but doing his job as a prophet.

He said that the herbs were part of the healing process slashing aside his action to convince the Form 1 student to take off all her entire clothes in what appears to be a scary and more fetish session.

Police have since said Yosofati will appear in court to answer the charge of indecent assault which is contrary to section 137 (1) of the country’s penal code.

Prophets in the country have at the moment been issued with a stern caution to halt using the gospel in a bid to sexually abuse others.


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  1. I wonder where these so called prophets get their revelation from in the bible. No stanza in the bible tells us that Jesus ordered anybody to undress before performing a miracle. There should be a proper scrutiny of these fake pastors and prophets. The government should stop this type of stealing from people in the name of religion.

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