Police bar UTM supporters


Police on Sunday barred United Transformation Movement (UTM) supporters from welcoming Vice President Saulos Chilima at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

Chilima who is also UTM leader was coming from the United Kingdom where he went for a holiday and private engagements.

UTM supporters at the airport

There was heavy police presence at the airport and the law enforcers stopped UTM from entering.

Speaking on the incident, Chilima urged his supporters not to be intimidated saying the police were there to protect the people.

“Do not be afraid of anyone or anything, the police officers were only protecting us,” said Chilima in his short speech.

UTM general secretary Patricia Kaliati said the police were unintentionally campaigning for the movement by blocking people from welcoming the UTM leader.

“This is a sign that UTM is strong, they fear the strength of the UTM. However, their action is also a blessing in disguise. They are marketing our movement. We wanted campaign directors throughout the country and these are the right campaign directors,” she said.

While Chilima was in the UK, some Civil Society Organisations called for his resignation accusing him of not working since he left the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

However, Kaliati insisted that the UTM leader will not step down as vice president because it was Malawians who elected him to the position.