Chilima: DPP is an amateur at rigging, I am the master

Saulos Chilima

Leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM), Saulos Chilima, has told Malawians that he is the grand master of rigging.

The Malawi Vice President made the remarks when speaking to UTM supporters on Sunday at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe on his arrival from United Kingdom where he had gone for one week.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: they are amateurs

He told his supported that DPP “are amateurs” in rigging.

He then them that UTM will form the next government.

This is not the first time the former DPP member  to  make serious allegations around rigging elections, indirectly praising himself to be a mastermind on rigging.

Chilima has been echoing same remarks during different rallies that he has been addressing since he dumped the party in June this year.

At one point, the former Chief Executive Officer for mobile service provider company, Airtel Malawi, told the nation that government had purchased a “spy machine” meant to be used in rigging the election.

Government, however, has been challenging him to provide evidence of the same but Chilima has not done it.

While assuring Malawians that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will not manage to win 2019 tripartite elections, Chilima said he will form the next government with UTM. It was, however, not clear whether this will be through rigging.



  1. This man is worrying! Why are you thinking of rigging when what we want is an effective government which does not do all these things rigging included? You are amateur at politics from the way you are conducting yourself! Talk about how you are going to make our country better than any other party! Talk about how you are going to improve life for all of us! Please stop treating Malawians like they are idiots!!!

  2. Richard Jimu are you a journalist or what? Did Chilima say that he is an expert in rigging? Which school of journalism did you go? What qualifications do you have in journalism? Who is paying you buddy to twist stories? What’s your agenda? Are police officers the well skilled thieves just because the catch or arrest thieves?

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