Chilima mocked over BBC HARDtalk interview

Saulos Chilima

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima has been a topic of ridicule on social media over his BBC HARDtalk interview.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: Defeated?

A cross section of Malawians have panned Chilima for what they describe as a poor performance.

Jimion Kaferapanjira rated Chilima’s performance as below par, arguing that the vice president failed to even articulate why he wants to be president.

“Zamanyazi kulephera kufutokozza momveka bwino chifukwa chimene akufuna kuzayimira u president. Ati chifukwa choyamba poti akuloledwa kutero. Zoutsiru zenizeni? It is embarrassing that failed the most basic question that he should have mastered. Saying he is standing because the constitution allows him to is utter rubbish” said Kaferapanjira.

Another one bashed the interview saying Chilima wasted her 20 minutes of nonsense.

“I have just wasted my 20plus minutes that I will not take back. What a waste” Glady Banda wrote us.

He has also been accused of being too gentle on President Peter Mutharika’s alleged involvement in corruption.

Chilima shied away when the presenter, Zeinab Badawi, asked if the vice president believed that Mutharika was corrupt.

Renowned political scholar, Henry Chingaipe, told one of the local papers that Chilima failed to provide a clear message to the questions.

However, Bashir Siyani said Chilima was just cautious in his responses.

Meanwhile, memes are immortalizing the response that Chilima gave on HARDtalk.



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