Journalists tipped on election reporting

US Embassy

As one way of ensuring that journalists are engaged and have full knowledge of the coming general tripartite elections, Media Institute for Southern Africa (Misa Malawi) and Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in partnership with the United States Embassy are conducting a workshop in Lilongwe.

The three day workshop which is being conducted at US Embassy offices in Lilongwe begun on 17 October and will end on 19 October, 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to ensure that media practitioners in the country are trained on how to report elections.

US Embassy
Professor Joan Mowertaking question from one of the participants

Speaking after the workshop, Development Director at US Agency for Global Media Joan Mower asked the journalists to collaborate and work as a team to avoid misleading people.

She also commended the journalists saying their action has encouraged them as organisers to ensure that the workshop bear fruits.

“I want to commend journalists in Malawi because they really want to take part in the workshop and I am encouraging them to be engaged and report elections stories based on facts on the ground in fair and balanced manner,” he explained.

Mower explained that being a journalist is a privilege to ensure that members of general public are not kept in dark.

During the day, the media practitioners learnt that significant media ethics are vital when reporting elections.

Different Malawian media houses including community media houses are participating in the going workshop.