UNIMA support staff fault authorities


…accuse council of sabotaging APM Govt

Chitchatting and drum beating were the tasks that support staff for University of Malawi (UNIMA) had today as they started a sit-in, with various protest messages being written on posters.

Uivesrity of Malawi
Messages by the striking support staff

Their anger over the delayed 10 percent increment seems to go to UNIMA council as government is noted to have been cleared on the matter of salary hike saga.

At Chancellor College, a constitute college of UNIMA, the posters had messages faulting authorities.

Among the messages included “Adad 10 IJA akutimana, akufuna kugwesa boma?” (Dad they are denying us the 10 percent, they want government to fall).”

The other messages claimed that leader of Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika is “innocent” while the blame was mentioned on individuals in top authority.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Chancellor College support staff union secretary general Thokozani Mbewe said they are to resume once the authorities approve the 10 percent increment.

“This time around we are not going to work until they give us the 10 percent that we demanded,” said Mbewe.

This is the second time this year for the support staff at UNIMA to down tools in demand of increment.