Mzuzu MP faults DPP for shelving youth centre construction

Leonard Njikho

Mzuzu City Legislator Leonard Njikho has condemned the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government over its failure to implement promised infrastructure developments such as a state-of-the-art youth centre, airport and stadium in the City of Mzuzu.

Njikho said this in Mzuzu on Saturday at a rally that he organized under the United Transformation Movement (UTM) at Area 1B in Luwinga in Mzuzu.

Leonard Njikho
Njikho has joined UTM.

During the rally, Njikho declared that he dumped the ruling DPP and has joined the opposition UTM.

“The purpose of this meeting is to confirm that I have left the DPP.  The DPP is a party that does not complete development projects here in the North.   I have joined the UTM wholeheartedly and will serve to grow the UTM,” said Njikho at the meeting which was attended by about 400 people from the Area 1B.

Among other developments, the Member of Parliament alleged that despite the funds for the state-of-the-art Mzuzu youth centre being allocated in the budget every year since 2014, the DPP government has blocked its construction.

The MP claimed that the construction of the modern youth centre now remains only a dream as no funding allocation has been made for the project in the 2018 Budget.

“We were promised the youth centre here in Mzuzu. The funds have been allocated in the budget since 2014 but up to now nothing has happened.  Last year the Chinese Government wanted to construct the state-of-the-art youth centre but it was shelved,” Njikho said.

According to Director of Planning at the Mzuzu City Council Alexander Chirambo, construction of the youth centre which is also highlighted in the Council’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan, had indeed delayed despite preparation of all the plans for the works.

According to Chirambo, the youth centre’s construction has lingered for six years now despite being singled out in the Council’s strategic plan.

“It is indeed in our strategic plan that we are supposed to have a youth centre. The program started and the ground breaking for the new site behind Grand Palace was actually done.  And all the plans have been done and they have not yet been approved.

“Construction was supposed to have commenced by now but apparently we have been following up with the responsible Ministry through the office of the DYO,” said Chirambo.

Njikho has since called on residents of Mzuzu City to vote for him as MP for Mzuzu City and to rally behind Dr Saulos Chilima to sweep the 2019 Presidential vote.

“Dr Chilima will evenly distribute development projects.  He will fulfil his promises. All people who love Mzuzu City should vote for Dr Saulos Chilima in 2019,” said Njikho.

Njikho joins a long list of MPs from Northern Region who have defected to UTM including Agness Nyalonje, Olipa Muyaba Chiluba and Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya.