Chilima movement on a free fall

Soon, there will not be much to write about the Chilima Movement that shook Malawian politics a few month ago, except epitaphs of what was.
The implosion of the four-month old group is going at breakneck speed as at their every meeting, there is a gripping sense of frustration and hopelessness among its leaders.
Patricia Kaliati, Joseph Chidanti-Malunga

Chilima movement

In the latest case, bitter quarrels and fingerpointing ensued at their meeting held on Wednesday 10 0ctober 2018 at Kasoka’s Warehouse in Blantyre.

The jostling of positions rages and not everyone will have their way. Comedian Michael Usi was told off on his runningmate claims. His draw card was that he had come into UTM leading a group he calls Wodya Zake alibe Mulandu. In other words he wnated to argue that he had brought people into the movement, although it is common knowledge that his group is a non-entity and a mere cast for his dramatic presentations.
It is a demonstration of Chilima movement’s low standards that even nobodies like Usi makes as big a claim as to be second-in-command.
However Usi’s claim failed to stick. Richard Makondi scorned the very idea that Wokudya Zake Alibe Mulandu was anything of political worth other than a group of comedians. So Usi will not have his way and he can go smarting from  his frustrations.
UTP leader Newton Kambala staked his claim too for the runningnate role if UTM was to mutate into UTP which is considered the best way there us if UTM wants to ease past registration.
But the Kambala alternative has been unwelcome by those who founded the group as they believe they are more deserving than a new comer Kambala.
So without direction, agreeing on nothing, uncertain on whether they get registered and lacking confidence that they can gain any electoral advantage even if they are to be registered, the movement has metarmophosed into a bunch of confused, frustrated people mired in leadership crisis.
Under pressure and still insisting on surviving, they keep lashing at anything which they deem an enemy. This is the mentality of a loser that when they are failing, they blame it on everyone else except themselves.
At that meeting, the group’s secretary general Patricia  Kaliati blamed her failures on business magnate Leston Mulli.
In truth she knows that her quitting DPP and speaking ill of President Mutharika and the Lomwe tribe was a collosal mistake to her political career.
At that meeting, she claimed that Mulli has spoiled her constituency by  distributing motorbikes to key people which Kaliati relies on.
Kaliati also told the meeting that she has hatched a plan of vengeance against Mulli: she will spread a rumour that Mulli is a satanic who kills people for his business to grow. To build this killer case, she has hired boys to kill and skin dogs for their bones which he will drop at Mulli Brothers business premises. This, she argues, will bolster the satanism rumour and enrage the public against him.
The fact is Kaliati will not survive from their crisis whatever many schemes and smear campaign she will hatch against the President, the DPP, her own Lomwe people and individuals like Leston Mulli.
That is, as UTM sinks to Malawi’s political seabed, it will hatch schemes to attempt to grasp at inexistent revelance. They will kick around, blindly. When a horse is dying, it makes some kicks.


  1. Is this an opinion of the author or should we assume that someone has been paid and hired to do the political battles for certain more politically confused political parties??????? Mmmmm i for one cant even start thinking of buying this shit, kagwereni infact mufune musafune UTM is intact and we will show you come may next year.

  2. this whole story is based on assumptions and there’s no even a single truth… MR Reporter and the entire Malawi24 group tamanenani zinthu zoona ngati simutha kufufuza nkhani ask your friends nde bola nyasatimes imayankhulako zanzeru.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, this shows why you formed UTM!!!! we want to develop the country and improve people’s lives! before we even get to understand what you really are about as a group you are already fighting for mipando!!! Kaliati have you not learned that kanama sudzapita nako patali! Madam you are a danger to Malawian politics! I sincerely hope this means that you no longer get any closer to the Malawi government than you have been because you do not represent what Malawi needs.
    We need forward thinking people who do real development and improve people’s lives and you are very far from that. Politics is not for you to get rich! politics is not for you kutha awo mumawakhubila! anthuinu mukubweza dziok mbuyo kwambiri! Just get out of the way there is a lot of work to do in our country by real politicians who care!!!!

  4. Its quite interesting to read that Mr. Ussi would dare to throw his card to be no 2 man just because he brought into UTM people from his drama group. What a miscalculation!! It is common sense that the one who registered UTP should be allowed to be the number 2 man. Hence as a supporter of UTM(P) i endorse Kambala. If you dont want him then get out and we proceed with our UTP which was already registered
    As for Akweni asamude Mulli. Azifunse okha kuti kodi amalankhula bwanji. No wonder Calista Chapola said that Kaliati thinks after she has said it. in other ways, Calista knows that Kaliati does not think at all. She thinks after talking
    Apatseni a Kalindo akhale seconnd in command . Thats my advice as a supporter wa UTM moto

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